Pattern: Bat Amigurumi

A 3″ tall amigurumi of a bat.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

So this was supposed to be up last week but my computer decided to crash while I was editing the pictures and I was too frustrated to work on it for a bit. I’ve discovered that for some reason if I leave my camera’s SD card inserted and my computer falls asleep, when it wakes up I’ll be greeted with a lovely blue screen. :[

Anyway, this was another fun experiment, playing with different shapes and stuff. This little guy works up quick so you should be able to get it done before Halloween! Like with the newest Freezer Bunny amigurumi, the pattern can look confusing but just go slow and read carefully and it should be good. Of course, I’m always happy to help with any questions!

Got a pretty cute pattern for Free Pattern Friday this week. It may or may not be super fuzzy.


Pattern: Pumpkaboo Amigurumi

A 6″ tall amigurumi of the Pokemon Pumpkaboo.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

Welp, it’s time to jump on the Halloween train and pump out a bunch of spooky scary patterns. I’ve never really done holiday-themed items but I’m totally selling out this year. I’ve got a candy-corn pattern lined up for Free Pattern Friday, and I’m currently working on a bat. Hooray for being boring!

I love Pumpkaboo’s design but I’ve never really used one in-game because I can’t stand Gen 6 for some reason. Plus it’s evolution isn’t nearly as cute. :[

I do have a couple non-holiday related patterns that are almost done so they should go up sometime soon. They’re both things I’ve already done but I completely overhauled the patterns. I know I do too much fixing of old stuff instead of new ones, but the holiday shenanigans should remedy that.

Pattern: Chubbachu Amigurumi

A 5″ tall amigurumi of a chubby Pikachu.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

Fat Pikachu is best Pikachu.

Making this was a new experience for me. I don’t tend to go beyond 48 stitches around when doing amigurumi because I prefer them small, but I decided I would try something different. I planned how big I wanted it, made a little schematic, and stuck to it. I do like how it turned out, and planning out my amigurumi in advance instead of just winging it made my life a hell of a lot easier. Definitely going to stick to that.

I also made new graphics for my Etsy shop and this is the first  thing to make use of them. Now I just have to take pictures of everything again so it matches the new style. D:
Perfectionism is a disease.

Get the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

Pattern: Blobfish Amigurumi

A 2” tall, 5” long amigurumi of a blobfish.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

So a couple of weeks ago I randomly remembered that this creature exists and decided to crochet it. This was the first time in a while I played with weird body shapes and I think it turned out pretty good. Pretty blobby.

Apologies for no Free Pattern Friday last week, but very bad things happened on Thurday. Veeeery bad things. Bad things on top of  bad things. Ol’ blobby’s face here pretty much sums it up. But at least I’ve been super motivated to crochet lately so I have a bunch of patterns ready to be typed up. Might be a free one this week but I just frogged what I was working on because perfectionism is a crippling disease. Off to think of something quick and simple to make.

Get the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

Pattern: Incineroar Amigurumi

A 4″ tall amigurumi of the Pokemon Incineroar.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

This is more or less just me transferring this pattern over to my new blog. But I did make some changes and I took new pictures so that’s as good of a reason as any to post a comparison pic.


– Added a row to the eyebrows
– Removed a row from the tail
– Only one crochet hook size needed, because it wasn’t necessary to have two different ones in the first place
– Used slightly different colors for the eyes and body

That’s it. Nothin’ special. Enjoy the novelty of me posting two things in one day. 😛

Get the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

Pattern: Mister Fox Amigurumi

A 4.5″ tall amigurumi of a cute little foxy guy.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

Hi, so I died again. Sorry ’bout that. But the good news is I finally have my crocheting life (pretty much) sorted, and by that I mean I have now decided I will only* use Stylecraft Special DK yarn for my amigurumi. There, done, decision final. You have no idea how much it has been agonizing me to keep using a whole bunch of different types of yarn with different sizes, quality, colors, etc. So my raging perfectionism has led me to Stylecraft and I freaking love it why haven’t I been using this the whole time the past 5 years have been pointless without you in my life. Any who, I’ve sold all my yarn that’s not near DK/sport** size and once I use up the rest of it (which is still 2 big bins of yarn but whatever) I will switch over to my new love.

*Unless I need a color they don’t have
** Seriously I will never understand yarn sizes. I have sport weight yarn that is pretty much the exact same size as the DK weight. Why are they different? I dunno, maybe I’m just stupid.

Onto what you actually care about. Here’s a brand new pattern, a fox that I have dubbed Mister Fox because I can’t think of any name for it besides “fox” and that’s super bland. So I added a generic word. I am very creative. Anyway, I would promise that I absolutely have more patterns that are going to be posted very soon, but every time I say that I don’t do anything for 4 months so I’m not going to say it.

Happy crocheting and all that jazz.

Get the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.