Free Pattern Friday: Soot Sprite Amigurumi


A 3″ tall soot sprite from the movie Spirited Away.

A quick little thing I knocked out in about an hour or so. Pretty much just an excuse to use up some old black yarn. Happy Friday!

This is an icrochetthings original pattern © 2017. Do not claim as your own. Do not copy, sell, or distribute this pattern. Do not sell any products made from this pattern. Soot Sprite belongs to Studio Ghibli.


▪  DK weight yarn in black, white, yellow, green, pink
▪  B hook (2.25 mm)
▪  Stuffing
▪  6 mm safety eyes
▪  Scissors
▪  Tapestry needle
▪  Slicker brush

Difficulty – Easy

You should know how to work in the round, increase, and decrease.

2 Eye Patches

Starting with white

1.  ch 2, 6 sc in 1st ch  (6)
2.  [inc] around  (12)
3.  sc, 2 inc, sc  (14)

F/O, leave long tail for sewing


Starting with black

1.  ch 2, 6 sc in 1st ch  (6)
2.  [inc] around  (12)
3.  [sc, inc] around  (18)
4.  [2 sc, inc] around  (24)
5.  [3 sc, inc] around  (30)
6.  [4 sc, inc] around  (36)
7.  [5 sc, inc] around  (42)
8.  [sc] around  (42)
9.  [6 sc, inc] around  (48)
10.  [sc] around  (48)
11.  [7 sc, inc] around  (54)
12 – 17.  [sc] around  (54)
18.  [7 sc, dec] around  (48)
19.  [sc] around  (48)
20.  [6 sc, dec] around  (42)
21.  [sc] around  (42)
22.  [5 sc, dec] around  (36)
23.  [4 sc, dec] around  (30)
24.  [3 sc, dec] around  (24)
Push the safety eyes through the eye patches
Stuff and attach safety eyes (I placed mine between rounds 13 and 14 at about 6 sts apart)
25.  [2 sc, dec] around  (18)
26.  [sc, dec] around  (12)
27.  [dec] around  (6)

F/O, sew shut

3 Stars

Starting with yellow, green, pink

1.  ch 2, 5 sc in 1st ch  (5)
2.  [sc, ch 3, ss in same st] around  (25)

F/O, leave long tail for sewing


▪ Sew the eye patches onto the body
▪ Use slicker brush to fluff up the body
▪ Sew the stars onto the body

2 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday: Soot Sprite Amigurumi

  1. Thank you for the cute pattern. I have a quick question. Under the directions for the eye patches step #3, sc, 2inc, sc (6), does it mean 2 inc in the same sc or an inc in one and another inc in another? I also am not sure how to get (6) from that step. Thank you!


    1. Hello!
      For the third round of the eye patches, you will single crochet, increase in the next stitch, increase in the next stitch, and then single crochet in the next stitch. And thanks for pointing out the (6), it should be (14) because you start off with 12 stitches and increase twice. I’ve gone ahead and fixed that in the pattern. I hope this helps!


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