Pattern: Red Panda Amigurumi

A 5″ tall amigurumi of a red panda.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

Let me just point out the fact that yes, I know it’s stupid to choose to revamp old patterns over making new ones, but I’m not feeling creative enough to make new stuff and all the old stuff is just sitting there looking all stupid and ugly.

Anyway, this one is not too much of a difference, mainly just getting rid of the felt face. Because felt is evil. Let’s compare:


– Replaced the felt mask with yarn
– Used dark grey yarn for the nose instead of crochet thread
– Shortened the arms
– Slightly adjusted the ear pattern
– Used different, less janky orange yarn

I am now going to continue not making new patterns and instead use this pattern with grey yarn to create a ring-tailed lemur. I’m a horrible person.

I’ve also updated the Yoshi pattern and it looks super cute now so that may be up sometime in the future. I do actually have a couple new patterns but I have to make them again because I sold the originals before taking pictures. :\
(Reminder, you can find all my old patterns on my old blog)
I’m debating whether I want to put one of the new patterns up for sale or if I should put it up for Free Pattern Friday. So possible FPF this week? Your guess is as good as mine.


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